Coaching adapted to your lifestyle,whatever your schedule is.


Continuously measured and analyzed performance and progress

Your journey, our mission

We are committed to gently introducing you to a demanding discipline while taking care of your health. We provide you a training adapted to the level of each one (beginner or advanced) as long as the athlete is motivated with a long-term vision (six months minimum).


Plan your success

Through a questionnaire and an interview, we identify your athlete's profile and define customized objectives. We optimize your training with performance tests and methodical planning.

Maximize your mental power

We optimize your race strategy with detailed feedback and pre-competition mental preparation. Learn to control your stress and visualize your success.

Boost your performance

Benefit from nutrition advice to optimize training and recovery. Achieve your goals faster with the right equipment.

Customized support

Benefit from follow-up and face to face coaching for strengh and conditioning and analysis of swim techniques via video analysis. We profide safe supervision during open water outings.

Integral coaching : Strength & Conditioning at the heart of your training.

Strength & conditioning should be an integral part of your physical preparation for triathlon. Scientific research has shown that performance is enhanced when strength training is incorporated. And beyond the performance in triathlon, it allows us to keep a balanced body to counteract the symptoms related to current lifestyles (office work, sitting in front of a screen, prolonged position, sedentary lifestyle).

The athlete is accompanied in face to face sessions throughout his or her preparation to understand and integrate placement, technique and load. Strength & conditioning is integrated into the athlete's training program (4th discipline).

Strength & conditioning exercises are either specific to the triathlon movement or to address imbalances created by triathlon practice or lifestyle. A gym subscription is not necessary. I will teach you how to work the whole body at home to save time with a minimum of equipment (weights, rubber bands).

Free home workouts and fitness plans

With free online classes people who don’t have the time or money to afford a personal coach can make change their lives forever.

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Equipment needed for your training

For an optimal training experience and visible progress, some equipments are essential. You will need a Heart Rate GPS watch and a premium Training Peaks account. To take things a step further, we recommend as well the use of an interactive Home Trainer, a bike power meter and a chest strap heart rate monitor.


Complete Planification : 6 months minimum

150. - per month for the triathlon and strength & conditioning planification (one face to face session of S&C and a swim technique video analysis included)

On demand session :

150. - for a lactate step test (Bike or Run)

150. - for a face to face strength and conditionning session (1h30)

150. - for a swim technique video analysis

200. - for a one shot 3 months planification without follow up and feedback


Our customers speak out

Find out what our customers have to say about their experience with our advanced training program.

Ali and I met at our triathlon club, TriTeam Pully. We met on my massage table, as I'm a physiotherapist. At the time, I'd just had a baby girl and wanted to get back into triathlon with the aim of finishing top 5 in my category at the Nice Ironman 70.3. And I can tell you that, as this event approaches, the results are in. I've just achieved my first podium in my entire triathlon career over an Olympic distance, which bodes extremely well for Nice next month.

What convinced me to follow him was his commitment, his thirst for knowledge and his perseverance. He put together a program adapted to my busy schedule and my hormonal cycle (which is quite new in this field). He also did a lot of research into my little health problems, and, above all, he told me that I could get there by doing a lot of home-training (much easier when Zoé's asleep...).
Ali is a passionate performance coach who leaves nothing to chance! Whether it's training, equipment, nutrition or race planning, everything is carefully scrutinized. This allows us to arrive on D-day with peace of mind, and to perform to the best of our ability.

In addition to the classic triathlon coaches, Ali brings a real plus in terms of muscle strengthening. He makes us work on all the things we tend to neglect (ankles and rotator cuffs, for example). While this may not seem as important as swimming, cycling and running, it does help us to avoid injury as much as possible, and to practice the other sports without interruption. What's more, Ali regularly organizes pool meetings where he films his athletes and then makes videos to explain the technical points to be improved. Nothing could be more useful when it comes to making technical progress in swimming.

No matter what your level is, I encourage you to join the EnduRace Coaching team!
I started working with Ali from EnduraceCoaching in November 2022, after having resumed triathlon regularly since the summer of the same year. My goal was to complete my first half Ironman in Aix en Provence in May 2023. Ali provides me with personalized support, taking into account my current profile and my sporting past. He provides a training program adapted to my schedule. Each session is planned according to my objectives for the season. Ali is available to adjust the schedule if there are any problems. He analyzes session data and adapts them to my progress and needs. In addition to sports support, Ali gives technical, material and nutritional advice thanks to his experience at the highest level. He's passionate about what he does, and his advice is wide-ranging and varied. Mental preparation is also important in this sport.

Thanks to Ali's encouragement, I successfully completed my first Ironman half by following his race strategy and building on the last six months of training. I'm very pleased with this collaboration and look forward to achieving further successes with his support!

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Free home workouts and fitness plans

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Ali Oubihi, 33 years old, coach and age group triathlete, passionate about sport science and data analysis

  • 01
    Qualifications : FFtri & Swiss Triathlon coaching certification, IRONMAN certified coach. Personal Trainer (Endurance specific Strength & Conditionning from FITSPRO). Swimming pool and open water rescuing diploma
  • 02
    Short distance results : 1st at Préverenges Sprint Triathlon 2022 - 3rd at Geneva Sprint Triathlon 2022 - 3rd at Vevey Sprint Triathlon 2022
  • 03
    Long distance results : 5th AG 70.3 Vichy 2021 - 5th AG 70.3 Sables d'Olonne 2022 - 52th AG 70.3 World Championship St-George 2022 - 3rd Overall half distance triathlon Dijon 2023 - 12th AG IRONMAN Switzerland 2023

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